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Vacation Ideas California

Take a peek at our vacation ideas California and pick the one you like!

California Vacation Ideas - Why You Should Take The Family To The California Beaches
By Mary Hodges

There are several vacation spots in California that you and your family can enjoy any time of the year, but especially in the summer. The sand, sunshine, surfboards and swimming you get on the California beaches will provide you with a great deal of fun. Some of these spots include are Malibu, Long Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Catalina Island, Laguna Beach, Hermosa Beach, Del Mar, San Diego's Beach, La Jolla, San Pedro, Torrance Beach and Oxnard.

No matter which of these vacation spots you choose, you will definitely not have a moment of boredom there. As soon as you arrive on the beach you will see that there are numerous California vacation ideas for all kinds of ages and preferences. You can go surfing, swimming, fishing, skateboarding, play beach volleyball, tennis and even golf.

In addition, there are a lot of city parks that your children will find very appealing, as they feature all types of adventure playgrounds, equestrian centers, sport facilities, picnic tables, golf courts and barbecue spots. Even if you spend an entire day at one of these city parks, nobody from your family will get bored. Moreover, if you are still young and want to have a taste of the California nightlife, there is a wide variety of nightclubs to visit, but also theaters and sophisticated dining locations where you can go with your partner.

One of the many great things about California is that the weather here is beautiful throughout the entire year. The summer lasts from July to October, while the winter months are considered November through June. The water temperature on California beaches during summer is around 70 degrees. The air temperature varies in the summer from an average of 76 degrees during the day to 68 degrees during the night, while during the winter the average can drop to 68 during daytime and 56 during night time. Nevertheless, the air temperature may go even higher than 100 degrees in the summer, or drop below freezing some times during the winter.

If you need more California vacation ideas to convince you that this is the ideal destination for you, consider that you will meet an interesting mix of people during your vacation. Most of them will be students and teens, especially in the summer, as this is the time when their school break is. You will have a chance to meet people from all-over-the-world, since California beaches are a top destination for many foreign tourists.

Mary Hodges writes about USA travel and family vacation destinations. You can check out her Disney Theme Park money saving tips at the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

Article Source: California Vacation Ideas - Why You Should Take The Family To The California Beaches

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