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Best Hotels in Las Vegas - Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas

There is lots of fun to be had at Treasure Island hotel Las Vegas...

Las Vegas Vacation to Treasure Island Hotel

By Jane Monet

Going to Las Vegas? There's lots of fun to be had at Treasure Island hotel. I had the opportunity to visit TI earlier in May 2009 during my first trip to Las Vegas. Treasure Island Hotel is a great hotel near The Mirage and across the street from Wynn. TI is also the hotel that boasts the nightly pirate show called Sirens at TI, where men and women perform atop a ship that's docked in front of the hotel.

Finding the hotel check in desk was a little confusing. It was a winding trip through the casino, around the elevators, and down the corridor before finally arriving. The check in line was long but moved continuously. At check in, I requested a room with a view of the Las Vegas strip. I was able to get a corner room with a view of the strip on one side and a view of the mountains on the other. This was also the morning Danny Gans passed so the rest in peace signs from Wynn Hotel were in full view.

Decor in the hotel was nice. Nice, dark shades for blocking out distractions after that long night at the other casino. The bed was super comfortable and is called a SensaTIonal Bed while boasting a price tag between $1,400 and $2,400. After sleeping in such a luxurious Treasure Island bed, I did my best to mimic the SensaTIonal Bed but with a $400 budget. Great try, but not close! I did have problems with the remote control to the TV but it was OK because I didn't spend much time in the room since I had so many things to do in Las Vegas.

The hotel has plenty of shops and restaurants. One of my favorite is Kahunaville. Kahunaville is a bar/restaurant at a decent price. Another favorite is Isla Mexican Kitchen. Great food and service. As expected, shops that stocked your basic traveling needs inside the hotel were a bit pricey.

The casino has all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas flashing lights and sounds. The bars scattered throughout were nice and always a great crowd around. Never too crowded but full and there was also a little bar area with additional tables and chairs. It was also at this time when I was informed of the incredibly high price tag for a shot of Louis XIII cognac. I never got a chance to catch one of the free pirate shows on my last Las Vegas trip. Maybe I'll have better luck next time. I want to stay at different hotels on the strip to experience them all, but TI is definitely one to stay at again.

There are many fun and wonderful hotels in Las Vegas for you to enjoy and this review of Treasure Island hotel is just a start! Discover insider information whether you are looking to buy Las Vegas show tickets or want to find all the best family attractions for your entertainment.

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Article Source: Las Vegas Vacation to Treasure Island Hotel

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