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Most beautiful destinations in Thailand

Thailand is a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia and also called the country of smiles. The population of this country is always friendly and you will see always smiling faces when you meet them. They absolutely deserve to be called "the country of smile" and it is the perfect vacation destination for most everyone.

The Thai greeting shows a sign of respect and hospitality. They place the palms of both hands in a prayer position and greet with a gesture of a slight bow of their head. It gives you immediately a warm and comfortable feeling.

Thailand has an interesting culture, offers an amazing architecture of buildings and temples, beautiful beaches and certainly a beautiful nature and you can enjoy the typical Thai dances and eat delicious food.

Everyone will enjoy their time there and notice the differences between the Northern and Southern part of this country. Here are some destinations which are worthwhile to visit:


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand but Thai people will call this city "Krung Thep" which means the city of Angels. It is the biggest and most colorful city in Thailand and you will find in almost every street a temple and statues of Buddha.

There are always many tourists in this popular city and visiting the most important temples can be considered as "a must" and you best spend here a few days.

The temples (Watt) are a vital part of the Buddhist traditions in the Thai culture and you can best visit some of these in the early morning to avoid crowd and if you are very early you might be able to see some monks walking around the temples. It is impossible to visit them all because there are too many temples in Bangkok and you will some variation during your travel.

Here are some temples you might like to visit:

The temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew)

This temple is be considered as the most beautiful one in entire country and you can visit this temple on the grounds of the Royal Palace. However; it is called the Emerald Buddha; it is made of Jade, but probably they didn't know this material when they gave the name of this important Buddha statue in Thailand.

The temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)

This temple is located on the west side of the Chao Praya River. The most impressive feature of this temple is its prang which has a height of 80 meters and is decorated with colored glass and Chinese porcelain.

The temple of reclining Buddha (Wat Po)

This temple is the oldest and biggest temple of Bangkok and entire Thailand. It is famous for its huge reclining Buddha which has a length of 46 meters and a height of 15 meters. It is also the center of the traditional Thai massage and probably the best place if you want to experience a real Thai massage.

There is plenty of choice in temples and if you want to visit some more, maybe you can consider visiting the temple of the Golden Buddha, the temple of the Golden Mount or the Marble Temple.

You can spend days with visiting temples but that is not what most travelers want during their visit in Bangkok. There are many other attractions and maybe something typical for Thailand and especially Bangkok are the floating markets where you can buy fruits and vegetables.

The Royal Palace where the temple of the Emerald Buddha is located is the most sacrificed place in Bangkok and surely a visit worth. You can admire the amazing architecture of the Thai people and your visit to Bangkok should not be complete if you didn't visit this landmark. It is important to know to wear appropriate clothes if you visit this holy place (long pants for men and no bare shoulders for women).

There are also plenty of museums (for example, Bangkok National Museum, National Gallery etc.), beautiful monuments and statues (for example, the Victory Monument, Democracy Monument, statue of King Rama, M.R. Kukrit's Home etc.). Bangkok offers so many beautiful sights and attractions that everyone will enjoy to spend some time in this city of Angels.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the second biggest city and is located on the banks of the Mae Ping River and is surrounded by hills. There are also many temples but it's the perfect place for shopping and the night market is a popular attraction.

You can find almost everything in this city if you search for some souvenirs of Thailand. There are also a lot of ateliers where you can see workshops of Thai people. It is recommended to visit some of them and especially silk, all kind of handmade craft workshops and even jewelry.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is the most Northern Province of the country and from there you can easily visit the Golden triangle: Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. The views are breathtaking and if you stay in Chiang Rai you can consider this visit as "a must see" for every tourist.

Chiang Rai is an area with many mountains and many mountain people live there. An interesting mountain village is "Karen and Stripe Meo Mountain village". It is amazing how these people live; you can compare it with the time of the Middle Ages when people live from food they found in the nature.

A typical mountain population in the province Chiang Rai is the Padoung or also called the "long necks". These women wear heavy copper rings around their neck and already from the age of 5 or 6.

Their necks become longer through the heavy metal which they wear around their neck and these women are often also called the giraffe women.These women are the main attraction of the northern part of Thailand.

This amazing country offers so many destinations which are worthwhile to visit. People who like visiting temples will certainly visit the great cities but people who want a relax vacation can spend their time on the popular beaches, for example Phuket (more about Phuket resorts here), Phi Phi Island, Pattaya, Koh Tao and many others.

Touring in Thailand is amazing and you can discover a unique and interesting culture, the beautiful nature with many rice fields, beautiful flowers and you can enjoy the delicious food.

Rice, pork, a steamed dish with mussels in curry sauce, a fried dish with ginger, a hot salad and spicy sauces is food which you can eat in every place. You will also find a variety of fruit, for example melons, papayas, jack fruit, mangoes and many others.

In many hotels you can also enjoy some shows with the typical Thai Dances. These dances are popular through the magnificent choreography with the music they play.

Traveling in Thailand is a wonderful experience and most travelers will experience their vacation as one of the best travel destinations you can find in the entire world. The kindness of the population and summer weather all year round is the extra bonus you get in the country of smile.

Content Source: Bukisa Most beautiful destinations in Thailand

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