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How to Get the Most from Your Stay in a Luxury Hotel

What can you do to get the most from your stay in a luxury hotel?

Is there anything you can do that would make the cost of the hotel more reasonable?

Knowing all of the free services and benefits that are offered by luxury hotels, as well as discounts on air travel to and from those classy, 5-star hotels can help you get the most for your hotel fees. Discounted car rentals and free or reduced prices on anything else that you were going to rent or do in the first place can all impact on how to get the most from your stay in a luxury hotel.

Most luxury hotels have a concierge whom should be able to acquire tickets to shows and plays for you, and reservations for fun and exciting adventures at greatly reduced prices, if not free. Some luxury hotels even let you keep your bed linens, 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets at that. Extra fees are charged, but nowhere near the cost of the sheets in retail settings.

How to get the most of your stay in a luxury hotel starts with asking the front desk clerk, as well as the concierge for pamphlets and any other information on services and amenities that are included in the cost of the rooms. In many luxury hotels, the longer you stay, as well as the more often you stay, the more free and greatly reduced services you will receive. Once you get in your room, check out the videos and pamphlets on free and reduced services, and the partners they have who offer discounts for hotel occupants.

You can get free massages, spa treatments, hundred dollar-plus hair styling and colorings, tailor and dry cleaning services, satellite television and wireless Internet service, hotel gyms and spas, as well as free meals and reduced prices on room service. More reductions in price or free offerings can all be had by complaining that your room is most definitely not what you were expecting.

You can say that you had asked for the opposite side of the hotel, and a higher or lower floor, which the hotel normally compensates with free services and discounted tickets for whatever you are interested in, as well as a possible voucher for a free weekend in the future.

Many luxury hotels offer free massages, and, if you would have had massages anyways, free or otherwise, that alone could be one major savings. And, if you are a creature of habit, and one of those habits is to eat at the hotel that you are staying at more often than anywhere else, having meals included in your hotel room fee could be one of the biggest savings you can make on your trip, aside only to airfare.

Many luxury hotels offer car services, or, at the minimum, car rental services or referrals, and should be able to direct you to the best deals for what you had in mind with your rental car. If extensive travel is planned, in order to see a large area of the country that you are visiting on your own schedule, then making sure that mileage is included with the rental car should be one of the objectives of the luxury hotel's concierge. Rental cars can also be included in the cost of the room at some luxury hotels, so checking which luxury hotels where you are staying at offer the most free and reduced amenities and services can help you in getting more for the cost of your luxury hotel.

Each saving that you make by taking advantage of special offers, free perks and reduced rates will give you all the more money to spend on tourist-type visits, as well as visiting places off of the beaten path. With the Internet offering Google Earth and Google Maps, as do most smart phones, finding places that would interest you has never been easier.

Luxury hotels offer Internet access in the suites, as well as in guest lobbies, libraries and other social areas. This can save you a lot of money from going to Internet cafes or other places that charge for using Internet services.

Luxury hotels know how to pamper their guests, which is how they became luxury hotels, preferably 5-star rated. With guest-only thrift stores, clothing by top designers at reduced rates for guests, and free tailor and dry-cleaning services, every free service is a saving. And, when there are many free services, they add up pretty quickly to a great savings.

Many of the better luxury hotels have frequent guest deals, where, if you stay for two or three weekends, the next weekend is free. For travelers who frequent the same cities, this is like getting twenty-five to forty percent off, in the long run.

There are also many things that luxury hotels offer their guests, like being able to buy your Egyptian 1,000 thread-count bed sheets at a greatly reduced price. In Canada, many luxury hotels even offer free use of a BMW motorcycle, as long as you have a valid bike license. For the women, or, more specifically, the women who prefer spas to motorcycles and hairdos to Sea-Dos, getting the most from their stay in a luxury hotel lay in being pampered beyond their wildest dreams.

How to get the most from your stay in a luxury hotel depends upon what you really want from your stay in a luxury hotel, and getting them for free, or at least for greatly reduced prices.

Travel smart. Travel informed.

Content Source: Bukisa - - How to get the most from your stay in a luxury hotel.

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