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Mayan Temples - Mayan Ruins & Pyramids

Mayan temples is a perfect destination for adventure travel with their exotic nature and culture, that we highly recommend you visit...

Palenque - A Fascinating Mayan Temple at Cozumel

Cozumel defines one edge of the Maya empire whose golden age occurred in southern Mexico from about 300 to 900 AD when they built their great ceremonial centers.

One of the most successful of these cities was Palenque - which became the dominant center in its region.

The setting here is incomparable and the first glimpse of this mystical place is sure to stir deep and profound feelings.

The towering stepped pyramid, finely laid out palace and great ceremonial center are exquisitely adorned with sculpted stones and covered everywhere with hieroglyphic inscriptions.

Imagine these buildings as they once were decorated entirely with brightly colored paint and roofed with palm thatch.

It was here at Palenque that Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruz discovered a crypt deep inside the majestic Temple of Inscriptions proving that this pyramid was a funerary monument with exactly the same function as the Egyptian pyramids.

The man entombed here was surely one of Palenque's mightiest rulers who ascended the throne when he was twelve years old and lived to the age of 80.

This entire city had been completely swallowed by the jungle when it was rediscovered by Americans John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood in 1837.

Alberto Ruz spent his entire life here working to unravel Palenque's mysteries He was so dedicated to excavating this site that he chose to be buried here.

Today visitors pass by his tomb just inside the entrance gates.. His work has inspired generations of archaeologists to spend their lives searching for the secrets that lie locked in the past.

Today Mayan descendants still inhabit many parts of southern Mexico and these proud people continue to struggle fiercely against losing all vestiges of their great culture.

Mayan Temple in El Mirador - Guatamala

Recently, archaeologists have discovered the creation engraved in a Mayan temple in El Mirador, Guatamala.

This is the same creation from the Popul Vuh, a Mayan work which relates many Biblical stories including the creation, and the great flood in Noahs time.

It was thought that these stories were influenced by Catholic Priests, but, as this clip shows, there may be a more ancient setting for these stories.

This is a CNN report, which shows the discovery of the largest pyramid to date, along with a carving of the Mayan creation dated to around 300 B.C.

This may place the stories of the Popul Vuh, and it's Christian stories, to pre-Columbian times.

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