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Loveland Ski Resort

Enjoy the best snowboarding, skiing and events at Loveland Ski Resort ...

Loveland Basin Ski Resort - A Colorado Local's Favorite That Expert Skiers May Like

By Karl Kelman

Loveland Ski area is the closest big mountain ski area to Denver, Colorado, so it is easy to see why locals like to ski there - less driving time. However, it's also a great place to ski. The high altitude means that the snow quality is often very good - high altitude and colder temperatures mean that the snow stays soft and fluffy for a long time.

If you are an expert skier with a taste for the adventure, The Ridge is a great place to ski. Served by Chairlift 9, the Ridge runs for several miles along the top of the vast basins that comprise the Loveland Ski Area. To access most of the Ridge, you will have to do a little bit of uphill hiking. It's not generally a huge gain in vertical feet, but the high altitude (between 12,500 and 13,000 feet or 3800 to 4000 meters) may have you breathing hard, especially if you are from sea level.

However, the effort expended in the short uphill hikes is often rewarded by some of the best skiing in the world. The short uphill sections discourage many skiers and untracked powder can be found for days after a snow storm. It's often helicopter skiing without the helicopter.

Another great advantage of Loveland Ski Area, if you have a car, is that you can park right at the Base Lodge. So, if you've got extra gear, multiple pairs of skis, etc., you can bring it all with you and easily get back to the car to sway gear, skis, etc.

Loveland is a great place to ski, but you should be aware of the following differences between Loveland and a ski area like Vail:

1) The weather on The Ridge can be severe, and can change quickly. Don't assume that because the weather is nice on lower lifts, it will be nice on the Ridge. If the weather is bad, go lower on the mountain, perhaps even down to Loveland Valley, Loveland's beginner and intermediate area.

2) Do not enter closed areas. Beautiful, fluffy powder snow like you see in ski movies is inherently unstable, and if you enter a closed area, you could easily trigger an avalanche. If you stay inbounds, the ski patrol does an excellent job of controlling the danger, but if you duck the ropes and head out of bounds, you are putting yourself at risk. This warning is particular aimed at snow riders who are not from Colorado. If you don't understand Colorado snow, don't assume high-altitude Colorado is like the snow back home.

3) Loveland is a ski area, not a fancy resort. There's no onsite lodging, no real estate, no fancy shopping, and no cute ski town. The base lodge cafeteria is fine, reasonably priced, and functional. It's not a 5-star dining experience. If you have non-skiing guests with you, they could be bored.

You won't meet the rich and famous at Loveland. You will meet ordinary Colorado skiers, ranging from families with little kids to extreme skiers riding crazy lines on The Ridge.

If you want to see hundreds of photos and videos of Loveland, you can visit my skiing focused site.

Article Source: Loveland Basin Ski Resort - A Colorado Local's Favorite That Expert Skiers May Like

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