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Keystone Ski Resort - Paradise of Colorado Ski Resorts

Keystone Ski Resort - If you are looking for the perfect place to take your family on a holiday vacation, you can't go wrong with Keystone Ski Resort, Colorado.

Vacation in Keystone, Colorado

Activities and adventures awaiting you in beautiful Keystone, Co.

If you are looking for the perfect place to take your family on a holiday vacation, you can't go wrong with Keystone, Colorado. Keystone Resort offers an array of fun filled activities for the whole family. This resort has over 2,227 acres and four different mountains for you to choose from for a thrilling ski adventure. Three of these mountains are accessible from the Basin Area in the Keystone Village. The fourth mountain is available only by a ten minute shuttle ride up the Loveland Pass.

If you are a beginner at skiing, no worries, they offer well groomed, wide trails and slow skiing areas for you to relax and take your time to learn this fabulous sport. Keystone has 11.5 hour ski days, so there is plenty of time to get the hang of it and make it an adventure to remember.

Another winter activity for you to enjoy is ice skating. Keystone has the largest maintained outdoor ice rink in the United States. You can also get involved in a game of ice hockey or bring a sled and pull the kids around the rink. There are over five acres of ice rink available for whichever activity you choose. So, strap on some ice skates or load the kids on a sled and enjoy some family time together.

If it is just you and your spouse or significant other visiting this beautiful town, take a romantic sleigh ride to dinner. They will pick you up and you can cuddle and enjoy the breathtaking views as you make your way to a restaurant. When you are finished, climb back on the sleigh and they will take you back to your hotel.

Snowmobiling is another popular activity in Keystone. Tours are available, so climb on a snow mobile and see what it is like to be at the top of the world at 12,000 feet. You will experience some amazing views and enjoy a thrilling ride as you glide through the snow on your motorized mount.

Keystone also holds winter events and festivals. If you are visiting in December, stop by the Keystone Lodge and Spa. Local chef, Ned Archibald, sculpts a mini Alpine village out of 2,500 pounds of chocolate. Be sure not to miss seeing this spectacular creation which also includes a massive chocolate fountain with waterfalls and a six foot white chocolate Christmas tree and hand-blown ornaments.

Before leaving Keystone, Colorado, visit Pike National Forest. With over three million acres of a variety of flora, ranging from prairies to artic tundra, the scenery is a breathtaking experience you won't want to miss. Recreational activities are hosted in Pike Forest as well. So, engage in some activities and embark on the scenic byways while viewing the 14,000 ft. mountain peaks resting in nature.

Content Source: Bukisa - Vacation in Keystone, Colorado

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Keystone Ski Resort Address

Keystone Ski Resort Colorado Address

PO Box 38

Keystone, CO 80435 USA

Phone: 970-496-2316 or 877-625-1556


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