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Enjoy Holland Cruise with Holland America Cruise Line!

Holland Cruise Line is one of the major cruise vacation providers in the world. Most areas are covered from dining to customer service and the atmosphere aboard the ship...

Cruise Line Review: Holland America

Holland America is one of the major cruise vacation providers in the world. This article looks at what cruisers can expect when planning to book a cruise on a Holland America ship. Most areas are covered from dining to customer service and the atmosphere aboard the ship.

One of the better known cruise lines for older cruisers is Holland America. With Holland America, many activities are reworked to meet the needs for seniors. While the cruise line does not market themselves as the cruise line of choice for retirees, it has positioned itself well to reach this market.

Holland America offers a more relaxed atmosphere than most cruise lines. You will not tend to find the late night action on a Holland America cruise ship. While there is some to be had, it is not emphasized. Even the midnight buffet is offered as an afternoon tea instead at about 3 pm. Each day, a tea time is on the agenda. Do not misunderstand, this is a great cruise experience. But, it you are seeking a wild night scene, you may want to find another cruise line.

The food on Holland America ships is first rate. Holland America offers excellent food in its dining rooms and on the buffets. Unless you are a professional restaurant reviewer or food critic, you should have no complaints with your eating options on a Holland America cruise ship. Each night offers a nice variety of entrees to sample with a few standard options for passengers who are more meat and potato types.

This cruise line offers a little extra in the stateroom. While all cruise ships have a mini-refrigerator in the room that is stocked with soft and adult beverages that can be purchased, Holland America furnishes each state room with a complementary bowl of fresh fruit each day. Having cruised a number of times on other lines, this little perk was quite welcomed when needing a late afternoon or bedtime snack. A number of the staterooms have bathtubs as well as showers for the guests who sometimes prefer a soak over a shower.

While it may be different in the summer, Holland America tends to have fewer children among the passengers. If you are shopping for a cruise line with a quieter feel and fewer small feet underfoot, Holland America might just be your first choice. The ship has plenty of quiet areas and even the outside deck space seems more reserved and less boisterous. This may not appeal to everyone, but those who are enjoying their leisure years will find this quite appealing.

Holland America matches the competition in customer service. The staterooms are kept pristine and are cleaned are readied for the guests twice each day. This includes the standard turn down of the bedding and a mint being performed during the guests absence at supper time.

The cruise line offers all of the standard shore excursions and entertainment options. Like most cruise lines, you will not be surprised at the activity offerings on Holland America. However, if you have a stop at a private island, you will probably be treated to an outdoor barbecue with the meat cooked over a fire while the guests enjoy the beach. It makes for a nice change from the regular option of being herded off of the ship to a waiting area to be loaded on a boat or ship for a mass event.

Do not expect a quick embarkation.Like Carnival, Holland America has not learned how to get passengers checked in and on the ship quickly. The wait will probably be about one to two hours from the time you arrive at the cruise terminal until you are standing on the ship. You will be treated well, but it is just a slow process.

Content Source: Bukisa - Cruise Line Review: Holland America

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