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Vacation Ideas Vacation Ideas Vacation Ideas

Family Vacation Ideas for Your Best Family Vacations Ever!

Family Vacation Ideas - 5 Must See Family Vacation Destinations

By Jack J Channing

Everyone needs a yearly vacation. Otherwise, your productivity goes lower and lower. Studies have shown this time and again, so take a look at this 5 awesome family vacation ideas that you really shouldn't miss!

1. Grand Canyon. I visited the Grand Canyon several years ago and I recommend that everyone make a trip to this fantastic destination. It is absolutely amazing. We toured the South Rim and actually took a bus from Las Vegas which was about 5 hours one-way. I will say that the bus trip was rather long and boring, so if you can afford it, I'd recommend you take the airplane tour or the helicopter tour unless you are driving straight from your home to the Grand Canyon. There are no words to describe the beauty and magnificence, it is a sight you must see with your eyes. Even photos do not do it justice. Every family should experience at least one trip to the Grand Canyon.

2. Orlando, Florida. This is an awesome place to visit if you have kids and - guess what - even if you don't have kids! Imagine having so many theme parks and activities right at your fingertips. This is truly the place to go for the kid at heart. There is Disney World, Universal, Islands of Adventure, Wet n Wild, Sea World, Aquatica, and much much more. You literally need several weeks to do even a decent portion of what is available. Definitely a must-see!

3. Niagara Falls. I recommend the Canadian side. When last I visited it was the first part of March it boy was I cold! Then again I am from Florida so I certainly am not used to cold weather at all. But oh my, this is another sight that must be seen with your own eyes. You simply cannot appreciate the majesty from a postcard, picture, or even a video. No family should miss this.

4. Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. If your family enjoys great rides, I absolutely recommend Cedar Point. You will not be disappointed. While I do love the themed parks in Florida and I visit them often, I have to take a yearly trip to Sandusky because you just can't beat the roller coasters there. Millennium Force is my favorite ride, but there are just too many great rides to name. While there you can also visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in nearby Cleveland.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada. For a while, they were advertising this as very family friendly and a great place to go to take your kids, etc. While I am not sure that's altogether true, I've taken my son there and we have all had a blast. There are many many amazing sights to see and tons of activities and shows. Gambling is there of course, but if you are taking your children you will not find an end to the fun things you can do. A helicopter ride over the city, a visit to the Hoover Dam, a visit to the Red Rock Canyon nearby (very fun), Cirque du Soleil shows (amazing), the M & M Factory (kids will love it) and just the amazing sight of walking around and seeing the fountain shows in front of the hotels and just the vast size of all the hotels. I definitely think this is a must-see for your list of family vacation ideas.

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Article Source: Family Vacation Ideas - 5 Must See Family Vacation Destinations

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