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Celebrity Cruise Hawaii - Enjoy Exotic Celebrity Cruises!

Celebrity Cruise Hawaii was designed especially for you if you are looking for a modern luxury cruise...

Celebrity Cruises - 3 Fantastic Hours in Hawaii

By Ronald Rougeaux

Celebrity cruises! Not a lot of travelers are fortunate enough to enjoy a Celebrity Cruise to Hawaii. There can be a lot of restrictions, mostly on time and budget. So when you do get a chance to enjoy such a trip and arrive in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, be sure to make every penny and every moment worth it.

One of the best ways you can do this is to go on shore excursions offered by the Celebrity Cruise, even just three hour types. Short excursions are generally cheaper and are the perfect solution for travelers who are on a limited budget. These excursions are also guided so you are assured you won't get lost and will be able to go back and board the ship on time.

One of the excursions that will surely appeal to an adventurous traveler like you is the Hilo Bay Waterfall Kayak. The starting point of this trip is at a black sand beach where you will be assigned a kayak and safety gear. If you have not gone kayaking before, you will also receive paddling instructions. After paddling on your kayak for over an hour, you will arrive at a beautiful protected sanctuary: Hilo Bay breakwater. On land, you will get a perfect view of the cascading waters of the Wailuku Waterfall.

If kayaking does not appeal to you and hiking does, then the Celebrity Cruise's Diamond Head Crater Adventure is for you. The excursion will start with a forty five-minute walk up a 763-foot peak. On top, you will definitely be enthralled by the view of both the lush green mountains and the captivating waters of Waikiki Beach. After enjoying the view, your guide will then take you to a learning adventure on the crater floor. There you will get to know more about Hawaii's local plant and bird species. After the whole excursion, you will be given a certificate that will serve as proof of your adventure to the summit.

One more celebrity cruise land excursion that may interest a daring traveler is Tubing the Ditch. In this activity, you get to cruise a ditch system which is said to have been dug up by hand during the circa 1912. Just before you return to the ship, you can get a refreshing dip in the swimming hole and enjoy snacks.

Three hours may seem a short time, but there are a lot of excursions available for your choosing. By going on at least one of these activities, you can definitely make the most of your time in Hawaii.

There are many attractive Hawaiian cruise lines you can choose from. But, for the top Celebrity cruise fun you'll want to visit fantastic cruising destinations like Vancouver, Los Angeles, Tahiti, Mexico, and Ensenada. To find the absolute best cruise deals, visit here and discover what the term "cheap cruise" really means!

Article Source: Celebrity Cruises - 3 Fantastic Hours in Hawaii

Celebrity Cruise Hawaii - Celebrity Cruises Luxurious Rooms

The main difference between luxurious accommodations in a chic hotel and Celebrity Cruises staterooms? The stunning world views cruising by at a brisk 20 knots. Seeing the world from a spacious Celebrity Cruises veranda can be so exhilarating you may never want to leave....


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