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Best Caribbean Beaches

Best Caribbean Beaches that are deemed best for swimming, sunbathing, water sports, surfing and diving. These best beaches of Caribbean with white, pink and black sands and crystal clear waters not only warm the cockles of the visitor's heart but also are paradise in disguise.

Beaches of Anguilla

Anguilla in the Caribbean has wonderful beaches that have been of aid to Anguilla in luring scores of tourists from all corners of the globe.

The nearly interminable stretch of silvery sands that characterize the Shoal Bay is a one of fabulous Caribbean beaches, where the snorkelers are let into a world of fishes that excel in their luminosity, to be spotted among the offshore coral gardens, as it is also considered to be the best one in Anguilla by a section of people.

The trail walking stint to reach the Katouche Beach from Old Ta is an enterprising affair as also is the snorkeling stint at this cute little sandy beach. This Caribbean beach is considered to be an idyllic picnic spot, where the shade provided by the trees enhances the picnicking experience here.

The Little Bay, a small half-moon shaped bay that possesses clear water and powdery sand exudes tranquility as the high cliffs protect this beach in the Caribbean, and the travelers will find this an excellent choice for snorkeling and sunbathing. Further options in this Caribbean region galore in the form of Road Bay and Rendezvous Bay as these best of Caribbean beaches also provide their share of action.

Beaches of Antigua

Antigua, another of the islands belonging to the bestCaribbean beaches to boast of the two world class beaches unveils the Dickenson Bay, found in the northwest segment of Antigua, and that of Half Moon Bay in the Caribbean found on the eastern coasts of Antigua in the Caribbean is a mile-long white sandy beach. The hotels of repute in Caribbean, most in numbers, provide easy access to the beaches.

Palm Beach in Aruba

Palm Beach with white sands has been a cause for the inflow of travelers from across various corners of the globe into Aruba, in the Caribbean.

Many of the reputed publications which include the Conde Nast Traveler has showered encomiums upon the Palm Beach by claiming it as one of the best Caribbean beaches that fall into the top 12 beaches pertaining to this world. It is second to none in providing ecstatic sailing, swimming or that of fishing sessions, though it gets crowded during winter.

Beaches of Barbados

The Gold Coast belonging to Barbados in the Caribbean, now often referred to as the Platinum Coast in the Caribbean has some of the best Caribbean beaches where the wealthy with extended purse strings can revel in their splurging by opting for the swankiest of hotels here.

The Paradise Beach, Brandon's Beach, Paynes Bay and the Brighton Beach are some of the best Caribbean beaches, as all these best beaches of Caribbean open their doors to the public.

The Crane Beach in Barbados that has captured the hearts of many travelers as to be hailed as one of the best beaches in Barbados can only be accessed through the means of Crane Resort, as non-residents will have to pay out a small fee to visit the Crane beach.

The azure water, soft white sands of this Caribbean beauty sets up a congenial atmosphere as this Caribbean Beach gets ensconced by the towering cliffs and is protected by that of a coral reef, and this picture-perfect beach is also an idyllic swimming venue to venture into safe swimming endeavors.

Beaches of British Virgin Islands

The clustered islands that form the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean have some of the spectacular beauties that easily find a place among the best Caribbean beaches.

The Cane Garden Bay of Tortola unveils one among the many spectacular white sandy Caribbean beaches, where the stretch of white sands extends up to more than a mile, which is also known to be a jogger's favorite.

This is supposed to be a preferred choice over the Magens Bay Beach, which is a crowded one found on the neighboring region of St. Thomas.

The White Bay of Jon Van Dykes Island in the recent past has been relieved of its secrecy as to the possession of the pristine and a photogenic white sandy beach that has driven some of the major publications to heap praises in copious measures and to classify it as a part belonging to the best as well as to the top ten beaches of this world.

Sandy Cay, an islet found off the southeast sectors of Jon Van Dykes Island and the Sandy Spit Beach, a remote one, offers enterprising snorkeling experience during your visit to the Caribbean.

The mention of best beaches of BVI seems to be incomplete if a special mention of The Baths at the Virgin Gorda isn't accorded the due that it thoroughly deserves.

Though Virgin Gorda has no dearth of beaches that easily get categorized as some of the best Caribbean beaches, which include the spectacular ones like Mahoe Bay, Devil's Bay, Savannah Bay, Pond Bay and the Spring Bay, the Baths is clearly emerging as the top choice, as the Baths happens to be a conducive platform for swimming and snorkeling sessions all through the year and gets crowded owing to its revered nature.

Beaches of Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands in the Caribbean possess beaches that vie for a top spot in the best Caribbean beaches.

The Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman is the pick of the lot, as this beauty in the Caribbean which extends for about 5 miles sports aquamarine waters and affords scintillating opportunities to plunge into a wider range of water sports, and the many plush resorts and condos enjoy a close proximity with this Caribbean beach.

With nature at its best as amplified by the dotting Australian pines at the background, the Seven Mile Beach is a perfect choice to plunge into the waters.

Beaches of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic in the Caribbean provides with the option of visiting the best beaches found at the easternmost tip pertaining to the island, which is Punta Cana, where resorts in excess can be found.

Punta Cana, with beaches that stretch to about 20 miles possesses oyster-white sands as the palm trees at the backdrop lend grace these beaches.

At the northern coast, the Playa Dorada furthers the beach visiting opportunities, as the best beaches here sport beige or white sands and they are found along the mighty Atlantic.

The Playa Bahoruco stretches for miles with the cliffs merging with the warm water and the golden sands of this Caribbean beach. Though it remains undeveloped, this beach in the Caribbean unveils many pebbly sections, where surf shoes will have to be used to embark upon swimming sessions. Along the stretch of San Rafael, and to the south, fresh fish meals can be had from the beach shacks.

Beaches of Grenada

The beaches of Grenada, a part of the Caribbean, are entwined with all the gracious features inherent of the best Caribbean beaches, as the much talked about Grand Anse Beach in Grenada is reason enough to pay a visit to Grenada.

Though the island of Grenada is strewn with about 45 of the white sandy beaches, the 2 mile long Grand Anse Beach stands apart, as the sugary sands extend far offshore into the deep waters. The best hotels of Grenada are just a stone throw away from the Grand Anse Beach.

The Anse la Roche is yet another beauty found at Carriacou in the West Indies, which with its white sands is a grand place to take a look at the Union Island to be found across the water.

From the Bogles village, a 45 minute walk takes the traveler to the Anse la Roche, but, considering the possibility of getting lost, it is deemed better to access this beauty in the Caribbean through water taxis. Facilities are hard to come by as is the sighting of people, and it is advisable to carry drink and food to enjoy an unhampered visit.

Beaches of Jamaica

Jamaica in the Caribbean has nearly about hundred miles of coastline, as some of the best beaches of Caribbean can be spotted at the Montego Bay and at Negril. Travelers can also revel in the midst of fantastic surf, great sands, friendly people and seaside bars at beaches that are less frequented as that of the Treasure Beach and Port Antonio.

The Seven Mile Beach on the northwestern sector of Jamaica stretches to about nearly 7 miles, where hedonistic resorts at close quarters add fuel to the flaming desires of the beach lovers. The Seven Mile Beach is also known to have some nudist sections along with an off-shore region at Booby Cay, as this beach in the Caribbean also fails to capture the imaginations of the conservatives.

The Negril Beach though not as busy as the Seven Mile Beach is a nudist paradise, but for some coping up with harassments and crowds, this beach in the Caribbean proffers a laid-back atmosphere. To the northern end pertaining to Negril Beach is the Long Bay Beach Park, which is bathed in tranquility, and as the beach lover furthers his quest to reach the Bloody Bay Beach, he is sure to enjoy his solitary refinement, though with some alertness on the traveler's part.

Beaches of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico in the Caribbean has a wealth of beaches that attract the attention of beach lovers, and the most revered is the Luquillo Beach.

The Luquillo Beach is open to public, which is a crescent-shaped beach lying about 50 km to the eastern section of San Juan, as this beach in the Caribbean is also the most popular beach among the locals. The coconut palms and the white sands kindle your photographic instincts, as the beach also possesses tent sites as well as picnic facilities. The fury of the Atlantic waters is mellowed by the coral reefs that protect the lagoon.

The Playa Flamenco found on the north coast of Culebra is a perfect half-moon shaped with white sands, which has been ranked more often than not as one that finds a place among the top three best beaches of the world. As the traveler sets foot on this fabulous Caribbean beach, fathoming the magnificence is made easy by the mountains that ascend on all sides inducing a feeling of being let into a new world.

The Playa Sun Bay is the most known of best beaches that are found around Vieques and can be spotted towards the eastern section of Esperanza.

Found on the Route 997, this popular Playa Sun Bay is a mile long with white sands that skirts the crescent-shaped bay, as travelers can also find picnic tables, food kiosks and changing facilities at this beach found in the Caribbean. The crowds during the weekends are thin, as the visitor might even come by wild horses among the palm trees at the beach.

Grace Bay Beach, Provo Island, Turks and Caicos Islands

The Grace Bay Beach, a twelve mile extension of pale sands has been labeled as one among the best beaches of the world by the Conde Nast Traveler, and John Glenn, the American Astronaut spotting the 40 of the islands of Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean from space had remarked by saying that the islands must have been a real paradise.

Many resorts have got initiated along the shores pertaining to the Grace Bay Beach, and fringing coral reef that can be reached from northern shores provides memorable snorkeling experiences. There are also places where enthusiasts can rent equipments pertaining to water sports.

Beaches of St. Martin/St. Maarten

This island in the Caribbean that fall under the control of Netherlands and France, as the division which is set nearly on an equal basis has about 39 beaches with white sands lending charm to their beauty.

Some of the favorites include the Mullet Bay Beach, Dawn Beach, Maho Bay Beach as well as that of the Great Bay Beach found on the side of that of the Dutch region. For nudists, the Orient Beach is the right choice.

Beaches of US Virgin Islands

The Trunk Bay at St. John in the Caribbean has earned acclaims and has found a place among the best beaches of the world. As a part of the U.S. National Park Service, this stretch in the Caribbean gets protected, and is one among the many popular ones in the Caribbean that gets crowded, particularly when cruise ships get anchored at the port.

The Trunk Bay Beach is an excellent pick for snorkeling, diving and swimming. The underwater snorkeling trail lets the snorkeler into a world of amazing variety of tropical fishes, as you find your way along reef section, which is relatively closer to the white sandy stretch.

Beaches of Tobago

The island of Tobago in the Caribbean that lures the Trinidadians to experience fun during weekends offers the best experience through Pigeon Point, which is a coral beach found along the northwestern coasts.

The Back Bay and the Man-O-War Bay equipped with an elegant natural harbor are the other beauties that belong to Tobago, and that which excites interest among the travelers.

Content Source: Bukisa - Best Beaches of Caribbean

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